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BMX riding is not only our passion, but a passion for 17 years. A passion with a mission – we want to inspire people with our art, and promote your dreams to come true. Worldwide, we were able to inspire millions of people with our performance on stage and successfully bring our therapeutic BMX training to the hospital.

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For over 17 years inspires the German BMX-Freestyler Chris Böhm audiences worldwide during high quality events, leading international trade fairs, as well as large TV productions. Flatland is a conspecies of the Freestyle-BMX, in which the acrobatics take place on flat ground.

The most important popular references to the BMX champion and show choreographer Chris Böhm are: Casio Campaign with Eva Padberg, the show performance for the Willi Bogner B-Games, TV Spot & Show in Shanghai for Merceds Benz or appearances at the Plus XAward (the biggest Innovations competition of the world).

With various TV-appearances on German TV Chris Böhm made a name for himself. He committed himself to helping children and adolescents in the Psychiatry in Lörach and provides there a therapeutic BMX training, which he presented to Stern TV in 2008. He was the finalist at RTL „Das Supertalent” and was celebrated as world record winner at Kai Pflaumes TV Show „Comedy Falle”.

He was nominated for Rider of the Year in 2012 and 2013. Among others was Chris Böhm brand ambassador and testimonial for the brands: Casio- Shock, TITAN, Kangaroos, IXS, REELL-Jeans and the PlusX Award.

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Chris Böhm and Sebi Jaeger (World Champions in Breakdance) invented dance. The BMX drive art meets breakdance in a special harmony. In the final of the Pro 7 casting show "Got to Dance" the two guys showed what they can do. BreakMX is a new style of dance with choreographical contents and much power. For their new show the two guys include up to three breakdance actors. In addition there is a very new level never seen in the world. This show is a highlight for your event!


This package is very diverse and usable for every event. BMX meets tricking here. Tricking is a combination of several martial arts styles like capoeira, karate, ku-fu and (floor) gymnastics. With the Showmaster Chris Böhm and german tricking champion Mark Pipper the disciplines were combined to a symbiosis. The two talents have got unique special tricks and you can book this show package "BMtriX" in different constellations.


"Get ready, it will be heavy" is the topic of our new and unique show "Ready2Rumble". This show meets Breakdance with tricking, BMX Flatland, Freestyle Football and rhytmic gymnastics. With a olympic show girl and a star dj, the special freestyle show will be accompanied. This show is like a boxing match with several rounds. Chris Böhm is showactor and moderator during this show.

BMX Show

The Chris Böhm BMX Show Team is unique in the world. They demonstrate several choreographical shows with their bikes. You can choose between a solo show or a team show. The theme of the event will then be arranged. We also offer you additional BMX workshops and autograph sessions after our shows.

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